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being by BaquaSpa is a collection of four aromatic blends specially formulated for use in your spa and bath. Immerse yourself in an oasis of relaxation, and let the natural energies of aromatherapy release you from stresses of your daily life, help you balance mind and body, free your thoughts, and rejuvenate your spirit

Qty Release $8.99 177 ml*

Nothing is more liberating than letting the pressure of the outside world slip from your mind. This calming blend will help melt your worries away.
Chamomile: promotes good health and relaxation and prepared the body for sleep as believed by the Ancient Romans
Clary Sage: Used for centuries to promote centering of the mind and aid in visualization, the Mediterranean native is thought to soothe sore muscles, relieve worry and uplifts spirits

To achieve tranquility, we all need to set time aside to carefully weigh the matters of our lives. That's why we've created Reflect, a truly natural way to bring balance to your soul.
Lavender - believed to relieve melancholy through it's calming influence and is though to promote a balance of energy and emotion.
Geranium - has been valued for years for its perceived calming qualities

   Qty   Reflect $8.99 177 ml*

Qty Enlighten $8.99 177 ml*

Since ancient times, mystics have known that the mind must be free from distraction in order to reach what the Japanese call "Zan Shin" or "unbroken concentration". This natural blend will help you on the path to complete enlightenment.
:  is thought to have mind clarifying qualities and is believed to soothe tired muscles and enhance good health
Cypress: was used by by ancient Greeks to promote relaxation and possesses comforting and soothing qualities.
Juniper Berry: they are believed to stimulate and strengthen state of mind and relieve stress.
Basil: helps with anxiety, melancholy, lethargy and sharpens senses   
We all look for sources of energy in our lives,
ideally, natural products from the earth that will
 awaken our spirit and motivate us to be our very
 best. The citrus fusion of Awaken will arouse your
senses and inspire your true passions for everything life has to offer.
Tangerine: This has been used to uplift the spirit and relieve worries.
Grapefruit: its uplifting scent is regarded by many cultures to lift your mood and to alleviate anxiety and lethargy.

Qty Awaken $8.99 177 ml*

* 177 ml = Approx 6 oz